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Samantha LaPorta is a singer songwriter, who draws inspiration from causes close to her heart, such as mental health awareness, suicide prevention and anti-bullying.

Her music is a reflection of her innermost thoughts and feelings, a tool to express her emotions to cope with life's challenges. Honest and deeply vulnerable songs with relatable lyrics. Samantha uses her art to connect with listeners on a deeply personal level

Her experience is extensive performing on radio, TV, live events as well as corporate and charity events from intimate stages to arenas and stadiums.



  Discovered by Disney at age 13. Samantha wrote and performed for the Radio Disney platform with

great success.  Samantha hosted the Top 10 Countdown  and has a half dozen hits on radio and TV as well as

The Major League Baseball Network. 

During the Pandemic, Samantha was able o focus on other styles of music and licensed 2 songs with UK label Frtyfve Records, Experimenting with edgier concepts and coming into her own with "Closure" a dangerously vulnerable song.

Her lyrics continue to connect with fans as her artistry grows. 




Giving Back

A true passion for Samantha is giving back to local communities.


Paul Mitchell & Vinyl Music Hall

"Samantha's performance was a huge hit, 

as the venue was packed with attendees

eager to support the cause of combating bullying. Her songs of empowerment resonated with the audience, inspiring

them to dance through the night. "

Pensacola News Journal



Ronald McDonald House

"Samantha is a musician who has always had a

heart for charity work. In fact she started

performing for local charities, hospitals, and

families at the Ronald McDonald House when

she was just 10 years old. She would bring her

guitar and perform for those who needed a little bit

of joy in their lives. For Samantha, the best part of performing is seeing the smiles of the faces of the children and families. Over the years she has added more charities to her schedule, including the Sing For a Cure concert series.  Her dedication to making a positive impact on the world is truly inspiring."

 Bella Magazine

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